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Spotted Vesuviana

We are a dynamic and constantly expanding community. We try to offer a unique and innovative service, with news, irony and trying to shake the interest of you users that you are the core of our work.

Born almost for game, this page is seasoned with your Spotted ie your anonymous and secret statements to which we will try to give voice.

Spread our voice, the more we are and the more we have fun!

Spotted Vesuviana is a satirical non- profit page based on the reception and treatment of anonymous messages sent by Circumvesuviana-themed users. Please note that messages are moderated and occasionally censored in order to avoid damaging other people’s rights.

It is not always assured that the messages sent and posted are truthful.
It is clear that Spotted is not a newspaper and is not connected to any entity.

If any content can be deemed inappropriate and/or detrimental you are invited to contact our staff for removal of such content.